Do you remember last time you kneeled for a long time to repair your floor or plant flowers in your garden? Did it felt like hell to have those knees exposed to physical strain without any protection? Prevent joint problems, fractures and other kinds of knee-related injuries with Rockland Guard Professional Work Knee Pads. These Knee Pads serves as a comfortable shock absorber to your knees, protecting you from hard, uneven surfaces. It features a soft gel cushion and durable EVA foam padding that ensures durable “rubber-like” softness and flexibility. Our knees are crucial for all kinds of physical activity such as standing, running, walking and jogging. Therefore it’s important to make sure that our knees are always at optimum condition. Rockland Guard Professional Work Knee Pads showcases two elastic adjustable straps and an easy to fasten slip-buckle clip feature that keeps your knee pads in place regardless of your size. Whether you’re busy with revamping your house, doing repairs or even construction work these knee pads offer great strength and durability for all-day-long comfort and protection.