GIVE YOUR MULTITOOL A UTILITY UPGRADE Built for Reliability Whether youre tackling a new D.I.Y project, working on some home repairs, or remodeling a part of your space, this 24-pieceaccessory set equips your oscillating multitool with enhanced versatility. It contains it all: blades for cutting, tools for sanding,and accessories for scraping or removing grout. Just fit right attachment and handle any job faster and with a professionaltouch. Heres what you get in every set: (1) semi-circular segment saw for wood / metal cutting Dia.:3-1/2 in.(87mm) (1) 2 inch Rigid scraper (1) 2 inch Flexible scraper (1) Standard endcut for wood cutting: 1-1/8 inch 3/4 inch 1-3/8 inch 3/8 inch (1) Bi-metal endcut for wood/metal cutting:1-1/4 inch (1) Precision endcut for wood cutting:1-3/8 inch (1) 2-5/8 inch standard flush-Cut saw for wood (1) 2-1/2 inch semi-circle carbide (1) 3 inch sanding pad (10) 3 inch sandpapers for wood: 2 sheets each of 60, 80, 120, 180, and 240 grit. (1) 3 inch triangular carbide grout removal rasp Experience Difference Not all oscillating tool accessories are created equal. Some dull after first use. Others struggle to cut through certain materials. And others result in shoddy jobs. Weve combined durability and precision to ensure every job goes down smoothly. Weve also designed our attachments with a universal fit that complements most major brands in market. Whether you own a Hi-Spec, Ferm, Wen, Tacklife, Ridgid, Craftsma, Skil, , Worx, , or Harbor Freight multitool, these accessories should workjust fine.