Pens & Markers by YIXUETANGYISHU. Details:PAINT PEN DETAILS: Why Choose us 1. tip is fine enough for detail work that different from many other paint markers. 2. Easy to use. fast and clean off hands easily. More importantly, safe for kids, gift, Birthday gift, Mother’s Day, Painting, Easter Day, Valentine’s Day, Thanksgiving Day, Party, New Year’s Gift Idea. 3. vivid colors are pigmented in paint.Work well on tire, t-shirts ,plastic, stretch canvas,and shoes! 4. You know ,when life lets you down, slap a little color on it… these graffiti markers are a wonderful holiday gift How To Use: 1. SHAKE–Ink mixing: shake marker vigorously several times. 2. AIR OUT–Release Air: Press pen tip lightly to release pressure. 3. PREES–Tip priming: Press tip against paper a few times until ink flows. 4. WRITE–lnk testing: Test flow of ink on a separate piece of paper.Recap tightly after each use and store at room temperature.